Vicious started dancing in 1998. In 2006 he took his career to the next level by starting to compete first in the jams in Montreal and then all around the world. Vicious is a member of the Sweet Technique and the Boogie Brats crews. One of the first bboys from Montréal to make an impact in the international scene, creating a path for the new generations of Canada that have lately been representing hard internationally

Contemporary Dance
Catrin Kaitaro

Catrin Kaitaro is a dance artist currently based in Helsinki, freelancing between performing arts, pedagogy and filmmaking. In addition to her professional dance studies in Finland, she has trained in contemporary dance in France and Senegal and completed studies in dance pedagogy as well. Catrin works as a performer and facilitator in contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation/partnering in various contexts, from amateurs to professionals. She has also initiated a community dance project for elders and is co-curating the India Contact Festival.

Thanks to her Axis Syllabus studies, training as a sports massage therapist and years of studying pilates, she has a solid understanding of the anatomical and biomechanical starting points to guide students to move in a sustainable and efficient way. Recent years, she has also been strongly influenced by play-fight/liquid body (Bruno Caverna) -practices, martial arts and other eastern practices such as Qigong and yoga.

Contemporary Dance

Hello, I’m Anna, a dancer who graduated from Outokumpu 2020. I’ve made a leap from the world of educational sciences to the field of dance. Currently, I’m working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Dance Arts at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. I have a long background in street styles, which has affected my way of teaching.
In my classes, we explore floor techniques, pace of the movement and enjoy the rhythms of the music. Through diverse and dynamic dance sequences, you’ll have the opportunity to practice weight transfer, balance and coordination. I approach teaching with a gentle and encouraging manner and can promise you plenty of joy and sweat! Hope to see you in class!