End of spring party!

Welcome to the end of semester party! Every semesters end we want to welcome all Polijazz dancers and teachers to join us to celebrate a great semester together, where we can share our dance passions! If you would like to demonstrate your new learnt skills by putting on a show this is always welcomed. There will be music for grooving and snacks and drinks.

Multi facility hall 3 – Jämeräntaival 3 (link)
19:00 ( 7pm ) – 23rd of May (23.05.2024)

How to sign up?
We will post in the telegram group a survey to get an idea of how many people would like to come. Of course you can always contact us to ask questions! polijazz_info@polijazz.fi


Courses available from 04.02.2024 until 26.04.2024
Courses are now closed!
A Big, Thank you! for all Dancers and Teachers that joined us this term!

Student Prices:
One course: 50€
Two courses: 75€
Three courses: 90€

Non Student Prices:
One course: 65€
Two courses: 90€
Three courses: 105€

You can try one lesson per course for free!
You will get a notification email for course/courses payment details once you have registered via the sign up form linked below !!
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Breaking beginners and advance 10 lesson course schedule:

6th of February 2024 -> 30th of April 2024

Breaking Beginners: Tuesday 18:00 until 19:00

Location : Association room Jämeräntaival 1 B – Otaniemi

BreakingAdvance: Tuesday 19:00 until 20:00

Location : Association room Jämeräntaival 1 B – Otaniemi

Contemporary dance 12 lesson course schedule:

15th of February 2024 -> 2nd of May 2024

Contemporary danceIntermediate: Thursday 17:00 until 18:00

Location : multi-facility hall Jämeräntaival 3 A – Otaniemi

Course Levels

This level is aimed for anyone who has limited or no experience.

This level would be ideal for those who have at least some experience and knowledge on the subject.

For those who are enthusiast or feel confident with learning at a decent pace.

Open Level
In open level courses we try to accommodate all level or difficulties and is generally open to beginners and more experienced dancers.

Courses are closed!

workshops and events

If you are interested in more dance related courses or events please check out our workshops and events page!

Contact us

For any questions or information about the courses please contact us at

General contact and inquiries polijazz_info@polijazz.fi

For invoices and payments please email our treasurer treasurer@polijazz.fi

The Board members!

Frans Perkkola ~ Chairman@ chairperson@polijazz.fi
Ida Granö ~Treasurer and vice Chair@ treasurer@polijazz.fi
Veeti Kittamaa ~ Marketing@ marketing@polijazz.fi
Peter Abreu ~ Webmaster and secretary@ webmaster@polijazz.fi

Personal data and The general data protection regulation (GPDR).
At the end of semester, information will be compiled to statistics and deleted.
If you wish for your data to be deleted please contact us!
For more information on GPDR.